Finding Inspiration {Chihuly, Cold Brewed Tea, Tiny Cottage}

by Terrica Joy in

A few bits of the beautiful and the inspiring from my week...

How's this for cottage inspiration?  So darling.  I found it tucked away in a quiet corner at the Arboretum recently.


It even has an adorable little bridge and lily pad covered pond.


Cold-brewed tea.  A new warm weather favorite.  I'm loving it.  So easy, so nice to have on hand, so yummy.


Why have I never tried this before?   You literally put tea bags and water in a container and stick it in the fridge.  The next day: perfectly smooth, ice-cold tea.  It's like magic.  Easy magic.  The kind even a toddler could do.  Add a splash of almond or coconut milk, a little cinnamon and stevia, YUM.  It's like dessert.  (You can do the same with coffee for a silky cup of joe.  Josh is obsessed with iced coffee lately.  He says this method makes it super smooth.)


Art.  From my sweet god babies, Tyler and Abby.  Definitely inspiring.  I look forward to many more years or refrigerator exhibits, opening the first day my sweet baby girl can hold a crayon. 

And speaking of exhibits...


The Chihuly Exhibit is currently going on at the Dallas Arboretum, and it's stunning.


So brilliantly vibrant on their own, but apparently each blown-glass sculpture lights up at night for an even more vivid display.


I can't even imagine the work that went into one of them, and they were everywhere!


So fun, right?


Some of them are several stories high.  Unbelievable.

So there's my inspiration for the week.  What's yours??