“Whenever Terrica travels with me, I put a microphone in her hand.  It would be poor stewardship not to.  Her testimony is so powerful, and her boldness and willingness to vulnerably share both her struggles and triumphs always ministers to the audience on many levels.” 
—Shannon Ethridge, best-selling Author and Speaker

 “Terrica is an incredible communicator. Her passion and transparency captivates people so that the Word can transform their lives. She has an amazing grasp on the pulse of this generation.  There are very few communicators I trust to speak into my students lives, but Terrica is one of them."
—Chris Lindberg, Senior Pastor, Life Fellowship

“From the moment she took the mic, she captured the hearts and attention of our Women in Ministry.  It was through her honesty and humility that she was able to share her experiences and truths from the Word and completely connect with where each of us were at.  She is a young woman who has insight and the ability to express God’s heart.  She was a blessing, inspiration and encouragement to our leaders.”  
—Lori Patrick, Women’s Ministries Director, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Alberta and NWT District

“Terrica's vibrant spirit is one of the things you'll notice about her first.  As time passes, though, you'll come to realize that she also possesses the rare combination of boldness and humility.  That particular pairing of strengths is not only what draws people to her message, but more importantly, to her Savior.”
—Tara Leigh Cobble,  Singer/Songwriter 

“We were truly blessed to have Terrica speak at a session during our women’s retreat. Speaking from her heart and her own past experiences we found her passionate, honest and transparent, grounded in biblical truths. She is a delightful, engaging young woman.”
—Jan Lackey, Women’s Ministries Director, The Church at Rocky Peak

For more info about speaking or to host an event email me at terrica@terricajoy.com or click here to access my one sheet.