Cuteness Overload

by Terrica Joy in

What's cuter than a baby in a ridiculously over-the-top tutu??


TWO babies in ridiculous over-the-top tutus!!  


Okay, maybe Ev had a bit more volume than Roe... but Roe also had a bit more shirt than Ev seeing that Everyn's mother (that'd be me) seems to prefer half naked babies in ridiculously cute over-the-top tutus.  It's something my own mom taught me to be imperative in a baby's life.  They need to be naked.  As often as possible.  Especially when it's even slightly warm out.  It's healthy.  And they like it.  Truth be told I have full on naked photos of Ev as well, taken just moments before these were snapped... but some might consider those inappropriate so I'll try and refrain from posting.  And she might appreciate that later in life as well... ;-)


Anywho.  I took half naked photos of my ridiculously cute daughter in her ridiculously cute tutu with her ridiculously cute BFF today.  

What'd you do for fun??

***Cuteness courtesy of Auntie Lyndsey who snagged this getup the moment she laid eyes on it, and in celebration of Auntie Brittany's birthday (that'd be Monroe's Moma).  Cause that's what everyone should wear to a birthday picnic.  A hot pink tutu.  End of story.***