Our First Mother's Day

by Terrica Joy in

There was treasure hunting, a blissfully quiet drive with my husband, time with my Moma just being together.  There was endless smiling at a proud 12-year-old Aunt Tirzah toting around her "she has no idea how much I love her" niece.  There was laughing with and at the overall brothers (that'd be my dad and uncle in case you aren't aware) as they sifted thru piles of flea market junk like women a shoe sale at the department store.  There was joke telling, sweet tea, and shameless adoring of a smiley baby girl over a barbecue lunch.  There was a tear provoking card from my husband, a gorgeous arrangement of peonies filling a ceramic pitcher, conversations laced with fun plans for the future: projects, trips, a new home.  There was a long afternoon nap, just me, my love, and my tiny girl.  There was a quiet evening made so much sweeter by a baby sleeping on my chest...

 Today was absolutely lovely. Filled with all the things that matter most in life.  It was a beautiful, simple day.  It was exactly what I wanted.  And though it was full of people and places and things that thrill me, what trumps all else and fills this new moma's heart to the brim...


...is her.

What did you do for mother's day??