by Terrica Joy in

My dear friend Ivana pointed out, after reading the recent ‘Debate’ blog, how I was all fiery and passionate and then…Garden.  It came to this abrupt halt when the last statement ended and the very next post (really the preceding post) was this sunny little blurb about our wee garden ;-) 

Then she said something profound, “I think it works.  I think if flows.  Because when it comes to all things religion and Christianity we desperately need to get back to the basics, the simple things.  Like gardening.  Like growing our own food, watching it spring up from the earth.  So yeah, it caught me off guard because I was all fired up too, but I like it.  Back to basics.  It’s what’s important.

Reason number #1042 I adore her.


A return to basics?  What do YOU think?