by Terrica Joy in

Do you see it?  


We've grown a strawberry!!  This is breaking news!


Okay technically we didn't grow it, considering it was already on the plant when we bought it and all...but we did manage to keep it alive until it ripened!!  And that's huge!

I knew we could do it.  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, too.  I hoped we could do it.  No...  I thought perhaps there was some miraculous chance this side of heaven that we might just possibly be able to keep one of the plants alive by not over watering or under watering or scorching in the sun or forgetting to feed them or watching them die helplessly of bug bites for a short time at least...yes, that's more like it.

So far so good then!  And I must say this little guy has given me great confidence.

As to the fate of the rest of our little 'family' (as Josh lovingly refers to our wee porch garden)... I'll keep you posted ;-)

PS-Linda was walking slowly up the sidewalk when I went out front to meet her yesterday morning for an early stroll down Swiss.  She looked at me curiously, a little alarmed, "Were you seriously just on the porch talking to your plants?  I thought you were joking about that."


Are you growing anything this spring?  Flowers, an herb garden, or a big vegetable garden perhaps??