Changing Leaves, Changing Seasons

by Terrica Joy in

Poetry suspended from the trees, that's what this is...

Leaves Collage 2.jpg

Oh to be in Nashville in October!  It is life to my soul.  Do I sound dramatic or what??

I've had the WORST kind of itch to book a ticket to Tennesse lately.  I can't get it outta my mind no matter what I do.  Great news is we're headed there in Novemeber and again in December, but certainly by then most of this loveliness will have quite literally fallen away.  *sigh*  

I took the above photos last October when I went to stay for a week with my little sister-in-law.  Amazing thing is, just as quickly and beautifully as the changing of the leaves in autumn, has our very life changed.  It's quite breathtaking.  I can't even put into words how drastically different our world looks today in comparison to last October, but I can say it alsois life to my soul.

George Santayana said, quite beautifully, "To be interested in the changing of seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with Spring."

Or more practically put by Isaac Asimov,"The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change..."

Indeed it is my friends, and I celebrate it!  From faith to faith and glory to glory, we cannont have continual growth without continual change.  It's easy enough to fear and some certainly handle it better than others, but I've learned it comes no matter so why not simply embrace the mystery and adventure with both arms spread wide?!  Certainly God is for me, certainly He will perfect that which concerns me, certainly His plans are for good and not evil, to give me a future and a hope!

His heart.  Towards me.  Is GOOD.

So as much as I hate to miss the changing of the seasons in Nashville, I would be much more devastated to miss the changing of the seasons of my life!  Because certainly, with God the helm, they are a vibrant display of His goodness not to be missed...

(And on a different note, my blog is officially a year old tomorrow!  Looking back at this past year as expressed in posts brings such joy and gratefulness to my heart.  I'm astounded by all that God has done.  All the places we've traveled, experiences we've shared, the growth we've experienced week by week.  So beautiful.  So prophetic.  It humbles me immeasurably to intimately know such vast, overwhelming Love.)

Do you feel like your life is constantly undergoing transition and change?  Do you trust it's for your good?  Do you embrace it or resist it?