The Most Perfect Pot Roast

by Terrica Joy in

Before heading out early for our treasure hunting adventure Saturday, my husband crawled out of bed with the dawn and went to work chopping and browning vegetables.  Once nice and brown, he threw them in a pot with a nice roast, beef stock and fresh herbs, and simply let her go!

Several hours later I lifted the lid to this insane loveliness:


(I was in a hurry when I snapped this horrible photo, but still you get the general idea!)

It's stupid easy, rich and delicious, and we usually double the recipe so we can eat on it for a few days.  The secret is letting it cook and cook and cook until the meat quite literally falls apart.

Day 1, I whipped potatoes with loads of cream, butter, and cream cheese, then ladled the meat and veggies over top with a bit of the yummy juices.  Oh man, it's to die for.

Day 2, we mixed up a little homemade barbeque sauce on the stove and drizzled it over the shredded roast piled high on warm, buttery millet bread.  Mmmm...  I had to remind myself to breathe between bites.

There's still a whole second roast in our fridge.  Josh says we have to pace ourselves so we don't eat it all within 24 hours ;-)  I totally disagree.  I am pregnant after all.

Here's the full recipe if you're interested.  Of course we substituted organic ingredients and grass-fed beef, but other than that we follow her recipe to a T.  It's too perfect to alter much ;-)