Treasures Revealed

by Terrica Joy in

I mentioned in my last post that our recent hunt did, in fact, turn up a few new treasures despite the detour from our original plan to hit up the flea market.  So with no further adieu, meet my new darlings:


Sooo, seems I've begun a new collection.  (I know!  Why does this keep happening to me?!)  *sigh*  Whatever.  Anyway, it's vintage handkerchiefs.  I decided, um, well, this past weekend in fact, that I love them.  And there ya have it.  New collection.  They simply have so many fantastic uses I can't help myself!  Particularly when it comes to photo-taking, a little pop of color or pattern really does wonders.  Cup of coffee on the table top?  Nice.  Cup of coffee atop a corner of darling fabric on the table top?  Greatness.

side note:  What do these patterns and colors remind you of??  I'll tell you:  Anthropologie.  Yep.  Except these guys were all of a buck a piece and at Anthro they'd be $432.  Each.  You know it's true.

And you know I had to have a few creamy whites given my obsession with all things ivory and lace.  And look, how sweet are these??  I love them.


Doilies serve similar purposes.  Loved this one:


But my heart skipped a beat when I stumbled upon these:


Vintage baby bonnets!!!  I've been searching for bonnets everywhere to no avail (except Etsy where they range from $30-$120!  PLUS shipping.  What?!)  So when I saw these dangling in a dark corner with a mere $8 price tag, I snatched them up immediately!  Just wait until you see Ev in them.  Oh man.  Stupid adorable.

But my absolute favorite find of the day was this beauty:


Isn't she lovely?  Hand-made, vintage table cloth.  It had my name written all over it.  I could see it beautifully draped over our cottage kitchen table with a vase of peonies, morning sunlight streaming in, cups of coffee scattered about...  Josh even loved it, a bit to my surprise.

So there ya have it!  All my new treasures.  Except there might have been, well, okay fine.  There was also this:


Yeah.  No explanation necessary.  You know I had to have it.  I DID manage to actually walk away and leave it on the shelf, but Josh picked it up and carried it around going, "Do you really want me to put it back??  Or do you want me to but not want me to?  I don't think you really want me to.  Am I right?"  He finally concluded that I needed it.  I didn't argue.

So that's really all my new treasures.  Promise this time.  

P.S.--I have a *very* exciting hunt coming up in a few days!  *Very* exciting.  Very promising.  But I'll have to tell you all about that once I've felt it out a bit more... 

Have you discovered any fun treasures lately??