Finding Inspiration {Magazines, Dimples, Old Man Shoes}

by Terrica Joy in

Inspired to write, to blog, to create, to build, to plan, to dream...  In the precious, limited moments I find to do so lately, I'm finding inspiration everywhere!


Herb gardens, backyard chicken coops, open kitchen shelving, picket fences, adirondack chairs... any and everything cottage-inspired.  So apparently we're buying a house?  It kind of crept up on me.  Didn't seem real until we'd made our first offer.  But it's oh-so-darling.  Can't wait to show you loads of pictures and drag you with me thru the many projects and endless flea market excursions surely dotting the horizon!  Can't you just imagine the treasure hunting adventures?!  (I've already penciled in every local flea market from now thru the first of December.  Not kidding.  There's one falling almost every weekend, occasionally two.  Thrilling!)


The pendant from my birth box.  It's just pretty.  Pretty things inspire.


Stacks of books.  They're everywhere at the moment, stacks and stacks and stacks.  Endless inspiration.


This wall of gorgeous-ness at Anthro.  Oh man, I could sit and stare at it for hours just dreaming up meals and kitchens and celebrations galore!


Nothin' about em is pretty, but they charm me every time I catch a glimpse.  My husband's beloved 'old man' shoes.  A constant reminder that through it all we will grow old together, a constant inspiration to serve him well, this man God has so richly blessed me with.


This face.  These dimples.  Yep... the ultimate inspiration.  All the rest really pales in comparison. ;-)

Where are you finding inspiration lately??