Vanilla Chai Banana Smoothie

by Terrica Joy in

I don't remember the last time a beverage made me so happy.  I can't stop drinking these.  One part tea, one part smoothie, one part heaven... oh man.  They're divine.


Being in the last few weeks of pregnancy has meant I don't have much of an appetite.  Juice, fruit, tea... that's about the extent of what appeals at the moment.  I've been doing lots of smoothies with greek yogurt to get some decent protein, but my 'normal' diet has sort of been shelved for the moment.  At 37 weeks I've only gained 26 pounds, so listening to my body has certainly been the best route.  That said, if tons of beverages are what's appealing at the moment, then tons of beverages it shall be!

But this, oh my word, I'm not kidding.  It's rockin' my world.  It's so decadent it almost feels sinful.  

Vanilla Chai Banana Smoothie

-chai tea, brewed fairly strong

-almond milk (or you could use regular, soy, whatever)

-one whole ripe banana

-a good splash of vanilla

-tablespoon or so of honey

-generous shake of cinnamon

-few drops of stevia, to taste (you could omit this, but I like it sweet!)

You really should freeze the chai into ice cubes first, but I haven't had the patience.  Freezing will create more of a milkshake or smoothie-like consistency.  Same goes for the banana.  But I've simply been blending the above and pouring it directly over ice. (More like an iced coffee concotion.)  And let me tell you, I'd take this over a frappuccino or milkshake any day of the week!  It's.  SO.  Delicious.

Try her out!  Can't imagine it'd be anything less than love... ;-)