Nashville Love

by Terrica Joy in

We're home from a lovely trip to Nashville!  We celebrated a belated Christmas with Josh's family, spent lots of time cooking and just hanging out together, and wrapped it all up with the sweetest little baby shower at the church where Josh grew up.  We had friends drive in from as far as Indiana and Alabama to be with us, so we also planned a little brunch prior to the shower so we could spend a little extra time with them.  Josh stayed up super late the night before making homemade cinnamon rolls (cause he's a rock star like that) and we all spread out around a huge table filled with breakfast casserole and fruit and literally half a dozen pans of cinnamon-y goodness, and simply laughed and chatted the morning away.  We were so touched they all traveled so far to see us.  Josh kept saying how sincerely loved he felt.  (and how emotional it all made him...shhh, don't tell him I said that though!)  

We truly felt so embraced and celebrated.  I didn't even know half the people who came to the shower (like his childhood dental hygienist, for example!  Or the adorable couple from Jackson who drove 4 hours round-trip just to attend the shower!)  Really??  Only in a small southern town...  I was blown away by the kindness and generosity of so many people who barely even know me, but then again I did marry the most loveable man alive so I guess it's something more like riding on his coat tails ;-)  

And besides all the love and hugs and tears, there were also tons of amazing gifts for baby girl!  We were seriously SO blessed.  I have to show you a few of our favorites soon, but a handful of them are being shipped so I'll wait until I can take photos to tell you about them.  However, while I'm on the topic of gifts... check this out:


My 16-year-old little sister-in-law spent 7 1/2 weeks knitting this adorable blanket for her niece.  7 1/2 weeks!  Oh and um, she didn't know how to knit prior to this project.  She literally learned just for us.  That, my friends, is a labor of love.  We were shocked!  And touched.  And still get all sorts of warm fuzzies every time we look at it.  It's beautiful!  She was also careful to stick to what will be the nursery color palette of creams and ivories.  I so love that ever attentive little artist...

I also learned over the course of our stay that if I said things like, "I'd like a little hat for the baby," or "I think the baby needs a knitted headband," that within a few hours or a day at most, suddenly one appeared like magic!  I had to make myself stop it. ;-)

And talk about another meaningful gift, look at these tiny darlings:


My Dad's baby shoes.  How.  Stinkin'.  Adorable.  My Granny passed them along to me recently in their original tattered little box, complete with a pair of his old diaper pins and a card from his shower stuffed with strips of paper where guests suggested names.  I absolutely love them.  I'm sure they'll find themselves displayed in baby girl's nursery at some point, a reminder of both family heritage and the limitless possibilities of her future.

And one other belated Christmas gift Josh and I both loved instantly:


It's a photo from out Epic Adventure this past summer with Caleb and Dakotah.  We were in London just outside the Tate Museum when I made everyone stop to take a 'shadow family' photo.  Dakotah said she remembers how excited I was about it, so they had it blown up on canvas.  Of all of our amazing travel photos all over England, Holland, and France, this was the one she chose.  It's the one I would have chosen, too.  I simply couldn't love it more.  She knows me too well. ;-)

Did you receive any really meaningful gifts this year??