I Heard a Heartbeat, And it Wasn't Mine (Part 1)

by Terrica Joy in

I thought I'd lost everything.  Every.  Thing.  I was utterly, completely devastated.  

But even still in the darkness, the tears and humilation and brokenness, I could distinctly hear the quiet, unwavering whisper of God.  Over and over.  "I'm here.  I won't leave you.  Trust Me. Trust this is for you.  For your good.  Hang on. There's greatness on the other side... wait for it.  Wait for the dawn."

And then this happen:  My miracle.

Redemption.  Restoration.  Renewal.  Newness of life, even better than before.

There are no words to express what that feels like, how stunning it is to feel for a moment the center of God's very universe, as if He sees no one but you.  It's breathtaking.  And life changing.

As if that weren't enough, as if His extravagent, overwhelming goodness weren't enough... He lavished one more sacred blessing on our already speechless hearts.


I can count on one hand how many days later we conceived.  

Miracle number 2.

More to come...