Mountain Rose Herbs

by Terrica Joy in

I was thrilled last week when my Mountain Rose Herb order arrived.  Opening the box is always delightful, with the smell of fresh herbs and spices and teas bursting into the air, the colors rich and vivid.  I pretended for a brief moment I was at a Turkish bazaar taking in the sights and smells ;-)  


(I also ordered black peppercorns and a yummy selection of teas including my fave, Firefly Chai.  Mmm...  Please Fall, come quickly!  You're the perfect compliment to my beloved tea.)

If you aren't familiar with the company they're based out of Eugene, OR and offer the best selection, quality and prices I've come across.  Concerning all things herbs and spices, they have just about everything imaginable.  The vast majority or their products are fair trade and certified organic, and they also offer teas, essential oils, body products, etc.  Seriously, their selection is insane.  

I particularly love their spice blends.  You can order a few ounces at a time by the bottle, but once you know what you like bulk always gives you more for your money.  Just can't beat it.  A 1 pound bag of organic curry powder for example, cost me $11.50.  It's delish, will last me forever, and no way I could have even come close to beating that price in store, not for a full pound.  

So do check them out!  I'm certain you'll love them.  

Tonight for dinner?  I'm thinking coconut curry chicken with brown rice and tons of veggies... Mmm, yes please!

I have a few other money saving sources I'll be sharing with you soon, too.  Any favorite websites or tips you'd like to share in the meantime??  You know I love a bargain!