by Terrica Joy in

Back in Edinburgh just before we headed out to our final dinner together, I walked down to the hotel lobby to meet the group.  Josh had gone down a few minutes before, and as the elevator doors opened I was met with quite a commotion.  A handful of the kids had Josh cornered, and when I peeked over the crowd I caught this quick glimpse.


They had somehow coerced him into wearing a kilt ;-)  Not just any a special one they'd purchased specifically for him, in Georgia Bulldog football colors no less!  I cracked up when I saw his face flushed 4 shades of red.  (He embarrasses so easy ;-)

Check out this shot.  You can totally read the look on his face!  And his body language...


I thought he was being terribly dramatic.  I mean, c'mon, half the group was wearing them already and some of the guys were not sporting jeans underneath, but full on Scottish-style knee high wool socks!  I've learned over the years that teenagers will do just aboutanything.


It was so fun.  And although Josh refused to wear his kilt across town to dinner like everyone else, he did promise to sport it during Georgia games this fall.  (posting pics for proof)  

Makes sense to me wearing a kilt to dinner in a country where men in skirts is normal and expected would be the better option.  Can't imagine beer-guzzling, football fanatics in the deep South to offer grace on this one.  In the States a man in a skirt is certainly viewed a number of ways, one of which not being cultural celebration and sensitivity.

All I can say is I tried to tell him... because I will be making sure he makes good on his promise.