Trinkets and Patches: A New Obsession and Treasure

by Terrica Joy in

Over the past several weeks I've fallen in love.

Every morning I wake still sleepy-eyed and stumbly, grab my camera from the basket at my bedside and wander thru the house... hunting... seeking... searching for light.


And when I find it, I capture it forever.  I'm obsessed.  I can't stop.  I have an endless and still growing photo collection of sunlight patches.


It's something God is doing in my heart.  I'm still processing, He's still speaking, whispering, teaching with every romantic patch.  He has been for awhile now, even using my girls to show me.

I see the obvious.  But there's something more He's whispering, calling out to me.  Give me ears to hear, Lord.  I don't want to miss it.

I may be pondering this one for awhile...

On an entirely different note, we traversed back to the snake-infested undisclosed treasure hunting location this past weekend (Wait, did I mention before that it was snake-infested??  Well it is.  We Hoskison's risk our lives in the name of treasure hunting.  It adds to the thrill.) and among other trinkets I scored these guys:


Steeping mugs!  Aren't they so cute with their little lids?  I love them.  As much as I drink tea I've never actually owned a steeping mug.  I could have spent a kazillion dollars on one at Anthro... or I could risk my life among the snakes and rats and score them for FREE!  I'll likely always default to the latter.  It's in my blood ;-)

Alright, have you discovered any new treasures or obsessions lately??