by Terrica Joy in

Last night I sat staring blankly at my computer screen for quite some time, watching the cursor blink. And blink. And blink.  

Finding it difficult to express in writing precisely what was going on in my heart, I had the sudden, brilliant idea to try out a video blog.  (I believe they're affectionately referred to as vlogs.)  Totally inspired, I clicked on my little imovie icon and started rolling.  

NOT my greatest idea ever.  Let me just tell you why:

1-It's totally raw and unedited.  Normally I would consider this a good thing... yeah, um, not so much.

2-The lighting is atrocious.  Particularly at 11pm.  In a dark, back room.  On a laptop, for crying out loud.

3-It's scary to see yourself on video.  And kind of freaky.  Especially when you look haggard and exhausted.  Under atrocious lighting.  At 11pm.  In a dark, back room.  On a laptop...

4-It's scary to hear your voice on video.  You sound different than you think you do.  You sound different than you think you should.  You immediately begin a psychotic argument inside your head, "I do NOT sound like that.  That is not my voice.  No it isn't..."

5-When you slur your words because you're so blasted exhausted, you can't backspace to correct it.

6-You just kind or ramble and dart your eyes in weird directions and wonder why on God's green earth anyone would care about a single, blasted, only partially-coherent word coming out of your mouth anyway.

7-The lighting is atrocious.

8-You have no idea how to upload the stupid thing to your blog anyway.  

9-You suddenly, shockingly realize you're wearing your husbands gigantic football t-shirt in your vlog debut.  NOT okay.

10-And finally, the lighting is atrocious.

I learned all of this in 10 minutes flat, and I think it's safe to say that vlogs are likely not the direction I'll be taking the blog in the days and weeks to come.  Although I have to admit that I am, quite shockingly, still open to the idea, I will not attempt to tackle the project at 11pm.  In a dark back room.  Under atrocious lighting.

The end.

What do you think?  I'm taking a vote.  Video blogs--yay or nay?