by Terrica Joy in

Write your own story.


I keep hearing the words roll around and around inside my head.  Write your own story.  Write your own story. Ever since I stumbled upon those mugs back in December, the words haven't left me.  Write your own story. The past few months as I've browsed thrift shops with Erin who has an adoration for old typewriters, we've stopped and caressed the keys of machine after machine.  She says she wants one that still works, so she can type and not make corrections, so her words will come out authentically.  No backspace, no auto-correct, no delete.  I love that about her.  Write your own story.  Something about her words speak to me, stir something in me on a deep, soul-level.  Write your own story.  In my mind I can hear the click, click, clicking of an old typewriter somewhere in a sun-filled, quiet back room...


A couple of weeks ago I get a call from my friend Debbie.  She says she's been reading my blog and has something for me, thinks I'll love it, wants it to go to someone who'll appreciate it.  She shows up with this:


Click... click... click... images of a quiet, sun-filled room...  that beautiful little writing desk my husband just gave me... click... click... click... a stirring in my soul...  a steaming cup of hot tea... click... click... write your own story.

In light of everything that's happened the past few days and weeks, the shifting and shaking and life-altering decisions that have been made, I think it's time.  I think it's finally time.

Write your own story.  I think I will...

PS--Debbie also brought me these adorable little beauties, vintage Kodak Brownies.  Oh-so-appropriate, don't ya think?  What better to go with an old typewriter that an couple of old cameras? Every story is better with pictures.


PPS--My apologies for the subtle crypticness of the blog lately.  I can't stand it when people are vague, so it's a struggle for me to be just that when I know how irritating it is, but what I can say this: just consider it a teaser of sorts--it will ALL make sense in the weeks to come... ;-)  

Are you writing your own story?  What does that look like for you?