Double Giveaway!

by Terrica Joy in

I'm an avid believer that mornings should be beautiful.  Rushing out the door breathless with little to no breakfast to the music of your cell phone ringing and dinging is no way to begin the day.  If it means getting up a few minutes earlier to ensure you have time to breathe and perhaps simply sit for 10 minutes, do it.  It makes all the difference in the world, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Consider it an investment in the rest of your day.

My morning ritual is to light a scented candle and sit quietly in my reading room with a lovely breakfast, journal, steaming cup of tea with coconut milk, and usually a book or two.  So in honor of beautiful mornings, I'm giving away a few of my absolute favorite morning necessities!  


 I love Anthropologie's candles.  They smell divine, burn forever, and what have you ever seen from Anthro that wasn't beautiful??  Nothing.  That's right.  Nothing.  Every person who walks in that store becomes dreamy-eyed and begins to hum and waltz and adoringly stroke every item within reach...  You know it's true.  You do it, too.

Aren't they pretty with their little scalloped edges?  One is "Crushed Peony" scent, and the other "Purple Orchid."  They retail for $18 each.

And then there are these lovelies:


I love, love, love the detail... the splattered color inside, the scalloped bottoms, the beautiful design.  They're just so PRETTY!  Also from Anthropologie, retail for $10 each.

Because you can't have a beautiful mug without anything to go in it, I'm also throwing in a box of my favorite Yogi Tea, Mayan Cocoa Spice OR Organic Chai Rooibos.  Winners choice.

So!  There you have today's giveaway.  Ill be choosing TWO winners, each receiving a candle, mug, and tea of preference.

To enter simply answer this question in the comments section below:

What is your can't-live-without morning necessity?

Whether it's a kiss from your hubby, a cup of coffee, the morning news, or a banana muffin, simply answer and you're automatically entered to win.  Remember comments on Facebook don't count.  You must respond in the actual comment section of the blog.

One entry per person, no entries after midnight Saturday, winners will be selected at random and announced first thing Monday.  Good luck!