by Terrica Joy in

Friday.Erin, a couple cameras, a designated creative day.  A long walk thru Lakewood, thrift shops, a stop at my favorite park, Deep Ellum, more thrift shops.  Downtown, an adorable outdoor cafe, a stop at Starbucks to rest and sip San Pellegrinos.  Introducing Erin to the Dallas farmer's market, shots of the skyline at sunset (or 'golden time' as she calls it), and a perfect dinner at Kozy with Josh.


Saturday.  An early morning drive to Austin.  A picnic bag full of just made cashew butter and apples.  A thermos of hot tea.  And a first stop, Barton Creek Farmer's Market, immediately followed by a second, Sunset Valley Farmer's Market.  (have you noticed I have thing for farmer's markets yet??)


 A 6-pack of fresh-from-the-tap kombucha.  Gluten-free granola.  Raw cheese.  Several pounds of grass-fed ground bison.  Thick-sliced, pastured pork belly.  Fresh baked, gluten-free bread and almond cream brownies. Organic brussel sprouts.  A stop for hand-made tamales, black bean and goat cheese.  A gallon of milk...  Ah, yes... this is the life I so adore. 


An afternoon lounge in Zilker park, the Austin skyline its backdrop.  A long walk along the river.  Occasional stops to watch the rowers and kayakers.  Constantly dodging runners and bikers.  A new appreciation for active lifestyle friendly cities.  A second long walk thru downtown.  Exploring the flagship Whole Foods.  Browsing at Lululemon and REI.  Dinner at Koriente with an introduction to bubble tea, hummus rolls, and green tea ice cream.


Sunday.  A perfect brunch at Taco Deli, silent thank you to the farmer's market for the introduction, and a certainty that this will be a lasting and beautiful relationship.  Pondering how many Buddha's Brews we've had at this point. A beautiful, quiet hike down a dry riverbed.  An itch to get lost in the woods for a few hours...


 A long flat ledge for lounging in the sun.  Cuddling.  Laughing.  Staring blissfully into a perfect blue sky.  A random poem on a rock in the middle of the dry river...which of course I loved immediately.  


Red berries.  Always, everywhere, red berries...for me.  An hour-long wait for Franklin's brisket, just before their daily 'sold out' sign went up.  Another picnic at the park.  A nap on a blanket. A lovely drive home...

How did you spend your weekend??