by Terrica Joy in

There was chopping and stirring and swirling.  There was constant chatter, laughter, and baby cuddling.  There were bottles of organic red, sipped from both glasses and mason jars.


 There were local, farm fresh veggies roasted in coconut oil.  There was hot, crusty bruschetta piled with goat cheese, caramelized onion and fresh herbs, drizzled in balsamic reduction.  There was 20 pounds of fresh King crab flown in from Alaska.  There was anticipation in the air.


There was Tommy slapping me across the face with a gigantic crab claw.  There was Linda slapping Tommy for slapping me.  There was Steven recording it all on his iphone.  There was Josh napping on the couch.


There was a bowl of browned butter passed round the table.  There was the the crackle of crab legs being snapped left and right.  There were ohhh's and ahhh's and many moments of silent savoring, both the food and the friendship.  


There was lots of love.  There were tons of dishes.  There was a big farm table we gather round often. And...there was feasting.

Group Again.jpg

What did you do this weekend??  Did it involve some sort of feasting?  Food, friends, a feast of house cleaning perhaps?  Do tell!