Favorite Things {Welcoming Autumn Edition}

by Terrica Joy in

  • {Tea} Good Earth Organic Sweet & Spicy Tea.  This is utterly delightful.  With cinnamon, ginger, anise seed and hints of orange, it has unabashedly blocked all other tea bags from my view.  It's warmth and hit of spice with the perfect amount of sweetness is downright perfect for Fall.  It literally doesn't need anything but hot water.  (And that's coming from a girl who typically favors a spoonful of sugar, splash of cream, and extra dash or two of cinnamon!)  Try it.  I guarantee obsession.  You're welcome.
  • {Recipe} Speaking of obsession, have you tried these Pinterest popular Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites? Listen, people.  They have 5 ingredients.  FIVE.  You blend it up in a food processor or blender, toss in chocolate chips, roll them into balls and refrigerate.  I can't even begin to tell you how dangerously delicious they are.  I was skeptical they'd actually be that great.  I envisioned other Pinterest FAILS, like the time I tried the lay-your-toaster-on-its-side-to-make-cheese-toast-trick and ended up screaming and dodging flaming, fiery toast flying across my kitchen.  Yeah.  These cookie dough bites totally redeemed any Pinterest fail in history. They're phenomenal.  Thanks to these we've already gone thru an entire gallon of raw milk we picked up on Saturday.  That's like, not very long.  Just so you know.  (I did add a pinch of sea salt and maybe a little extra vanilla because, well, it's a compulsion.)  But seriously, go buy raw cashews.  Have cookie dough bites for dinner.  I'm serious. 
  • {Book} The Artist's Daughter.  I'm forever on the lookout for a good memoir.  Add in exotic locations and culture, a side of faith and sprinkling of motherhood and I'm totally enraptured.  It's the perfect read to curl up with under a cozy blanket, mug of sweet and spicy tea in hand.  Hello, Autumn.  I will manifest your presence despite your stubborn dragging of the feet this year.

Happy Fall, friends!  Bring on the pumpkins and cozy sweatshirts...