Wednesday Photo Recap??

by Terrica Joy in

Is it Tuesday?  Thursday?  I'm not even sure.  My goodness life is crazy at the moment.  I feel like my head is spinning.  Good news is, we're scheduled to close on our house today!  Once we've keys in hand we can officially get the many reno projects under way, finish packing and selling half our furniture, and begin the settling in process over the next few months.  (among a million other things not house related)

*deep breath*

So much to do, but I'm happy to report that we are definitely enjoying the process.  It comes with loads of sweet anticipation.  Certainly the fun of newness stirs the pot, but it's more than that, too.  You know that feeling?  The one where you can almost tangibly feel the pages of your life turn?  That's what this is.  We've been in Dallas for 8 years now, and the page is finally turning... as... we... speak.

It's like that quite hum just before the kettle screams.

That intense simmer on the cusp of boil.

That roll of treetops moments before the downpour.

I can feel it in the atmosphere, smell it in the air.  And it.  Is good.

SOooo much to share on all of this later... but for the moment I'm off to check a thousand more to-do's off the list!  And since my days are all sorts of mixed up, I'm posting my Friday photo recap today... Thursday or Monday or whatever today is. ;-)


What day is it in your week??