Happy Little Traveller

by Terrica Joy in

I can already tell she's not a laid back, 'let's just hang out and chat' kind of girl.  *sigh*  I knew it.  I knew that'd be too easy.  Thanks, God.  Further refinement.  You betcha.  I'm all over it.  ;-)  

Nope!  Not this one.  She's a 'let's go, let's play, let's do this' kinda girl!  All.  The.  Time.  Totally flies in the face of my slooooow, Sabbath-practicing life style.  HOWEVER.  This particular characteristic does make for a fantastic travel buddy!  And that, my friends, is excellent news.

I have about a thousand photos from Colorado to post, but haven't quite finished sorting thru and editing them all.  Should have them finished very shortly, but until then how abouts I leave you with this:


Bet you're smiling, huh??