The Mysterious 'Birth Box' Revealed

by Terrica Joy in

I've had a dozen people ask me about the contents of the 'Birth Box.'  Simply put, it was packed full of truth and life for the moment in time I would desperately need it...


"...I pray the peace of God be released over you in abundance..."


"...your life's goal, ordained by our Lord, was to do this, to be in this very moment..."


"...the day that has been prophesied is here..."


"...with the birth of your child today comes the fruition of His way on earth, as it is in heaven...all you've ever said and done has led you to this moment..."


" are a valiant warrior..."


"...shortly, when you hold her in your arms, you will know..."


" push!"  ;-)


Just a few snipets of many.  Cards, letters, notes.  Prayers, scripture, encouraging and profound words.  From some of the most cherished people in my life. 

My husband knows well that my love language is 'words of affirmation'.  Once labor got fairly intense, he would hand me a single item at a time from the birth box in between contractions.  As if I weren't emotional enough already, these really brought on the tears!  At one point, totally overcome, I looked up at him and declared very seriously, "I really don't think I can read any more of these!"

From dear friends and family as far away as the U.K., he spent weeks collecting each little treasure.  He also added a beautiful vanilla and fig scented candle from Anthropology (my fave!), and a gorgeous handmade aquamarine pendant. (Everyn's birthstone)

Love.  In every way.

I will cherish and reflect on that little treasure box all the days of my life.  It is the semblance and reflection of God's love in the hearts and words of those who love Him, and thereby love me.

Richly loved.  I am richly, deeply loved.  As is this little girl, by so many before she was even born because they sincerely and diligently prayed for her as if she were their own.  They stood guard like watchmen in the night, calling forth her destiny, proclaiming God's purposes, waiting with anticipation for her arrival.  If only every child were welcomed in such a way...

Humbled.  Honored.  Overwhelmed by His goodness.  My heart is absolutely full to capacity.