Top 10 Reasons I Love Pregnancy…So Far

by Terrica Joy in

#10-Parking in the ‘expectant mothers’ spot at Whole Foods.  Er... legally.

#9-Discovering that CBS offers 2 full weeks of paternity leave to employees to be used however preferred over the course of a year.  Josh has definitively decided we’re having a baby every year from now on.

#8-Crying during a commercial about pigeons doesn’t cause concerned, awkward stares, but rather expressions of compassion and understanding.

#7-Moments of putting on empire waist tops and dresses and thinking, This makes me look pregnant, are immediately and blissfully met with, Oh wait, I AM!

#6-Gaining weight is actually celebrated.  This is a shock I’m still adjusting to.

#5-No reason to suck in, ever.  Period.

#4-Taking naps is permissible and even encouraged.  The midwife even says so if ever there’s a question or concern as to why you’re sleeping at 11am.  And 2pm.  And 6pm.  Basically following any kind of activity beyond reading.

#3-Doing things simply because you’re pregnant.   (i.e., throwing out a bunch of Josh’s ugly old beloved t-shirts because, well, I’m pregnant.)

#2-NOT doing things simply because you’re pregnant.  (i.e., not attending events because other humans might actually be there and well, I’m pregnant.)

#1-Wearing the most amazing jeans and shorts with super-comfy-gigantic-stretchy-waistbands that almost feel like pj’s!  I will never judge another woman for wearing them past delivery.  Or toddlerhood, for that matter.

And there ya have it!  I am certain I'll be adding to this list as the weeks and months progress.  

And on a random note since we’re talking pregnancy and babies here, have you ever seen brand new baby bunnies?!!  They’re SO cute.  In a weird sort of way.  They look like little pigs with long ears ;-) 


We met these guys in South Carolina.  I almost burst into tears at the sight of them.  I wanted to sweep the moma rabbit up in my arms sqeeezing her incessantly while telling here over and over what a wonderful job she did!  I felt so proud and weepy and overjoyed for her!  Yep friends…. I’m definitely pregnant.