On Relationships: Excerpt from Sarah Markley

by Terrica Joy in

Consider this post a little commercial of sorts.  I'll be posting the third and final part of our conception story later today, but while it goes thru yet another round of edits I had to share this with you.  

It comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Markley.  Funny little story about Sarah, I've connected with her one or twice via email and after reading the 'about me' portion of her blog asked her flat out one day if she was an INFJ personality type, as am I, to which she responded, "You are SO perceptive!"  

INFJ's recognize one another you see, being that we're the rarest of all the 16 Meyer's Briggs types, representing only 1% of the population.  I'm certain the INFJ connection is half the reason I adore her blog, as I identify so well with her writing and experiences.  

Reading one of her recent posts this morning I was immediately drawn in, feeling at once seen and understood though she many never know it.  If you've ever walked through a season like this yourself, it's wonderfully refreshing to know you aren't alone, and more importantly that certainly God is in it.  

"Right now, God is editing my relationships. He has been reordering my friendships and my acquaintances and, to be honest, I’ve been fighting Him on it for the last few months.

I haven’t asked God to remove certain people from my life, but in small ways He has. I haven’t asked Him to give me new and different friendships, but He has. And I haven’t asked Him to strengthen some of the relationships that He has been undergirding with love, listening and understanding, but that is exactly what He has been doing.

He has brought certain women in and at the same time, gently ushered a few out. We’ve renewed relationships with old friends and, without intention, others have stayed static.

I can’t explain it, but I feel as if I’m sitting back and watching God rearrange a lot of things. It has been slow, but it has been very sure. And it has been very surely God. During most of my life I would have desperately fought it and hung on to things even if God was trying to remove them. Tooth and nail, in the past I’ve clawed to keep close things and people that I believe I deserve or even “own.”

But I feel a peace about this tender transition in my life. I know that He has my best interests in mind and in His “kinder” way is editing my life."

 Thanks yet again, Sarah.  Couldn't have said it better myself.

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