England: An Unconventional View

by Terrica Joy in

I've taken so many shots of lovely London the past few months I thought this time I'd share a few unconventional glimpses, each beautiful in it's own right of course.


Love.  (A little birthday token from my husband.)  An elegant swan in St. James Park.  A moma duck sheltering her babies amidst the daisies.  A delicate flower blossom.


The ornate fence surround Parliament and Big Ben.  A detail of Mary with Jesus at Wesminster Abbey.  The royal horse guard, ever dedicated.  Our shadow family ;-)


A fabric store whose colors stopped me in my tracks, literally taking my breath away.  Compass in hand, a prophetic moment before I even knew it.  So many gorgeous old sewing machines.  Market pastries, always enticing.

And okay, fine, we also took a few 'conventional' shots...  ;-)


Big Ben.  Red phone booth.  Buckingham Palace.  Tower Bridge.

Per usual, London treated us well.

Tomorrow I have SO many gorgeous shots of Amsterdam to share with you!  I fell in love with that city all over again, head over heels in love.  It was glorious.  

And on a different note, the blog has been quiet the past week or so as God has literally and miraculously been transforming my heart.  I've had to steal away and coax myself to breathe simply to wrap my brain around it.  Apologies for the lapse here in blog-world, but I promise, all is WELL.