by Terrica Joy in


A lovely, sunny drive to Mineral Wells.  Visiting the Crazy Water storefront, filling containers with No. 3 and No. 4.


Mineral Wells State Park.  Hiking.  A picnic on a boulder overlooking the lake.  Tons of sunshine.  


Tommy looking like a tree frog.  Josh looking like a monkey.  Linda just looking cute.  And me taking photos because, well, because I don't really DO boulder scaling.


Tommy scared to jump from a rock.  Me and Linda giggling quietly.  Josh falling off a rock.  Me and Linda laughing hysterically. 


 Josh and I posing in a rock crevice, cause that's kind of fun and all.  Linda saying, "Good job hiding behind that rock, you look really skinny!"  Me bursting into hysterics.


Full day.  Full hearts.  Full life.



A Sunday morning brunch with Kyle.  Browsing thru shops in Bishop Arts.  A long afternoon walk down Swiss, me and Josh, hand in hand.  An evening meal with Steven and Christine, marveling at their newly planted fig and persimmon trees, sharing laughter and stories late into the night.


Bonus day.  Grateful hearts.  Breakfast in the reading room, flipping thru stacks of books, staying in pajamas far longer than necessary.  Packing a picnic and books and journals, heading to the Arboretum, finding the perfect spot in the sun.  Friends coming and going, blankets and books, a baby with an orange for the very first time...certain bliss.


So, what did YOU do this weekend???