by Terrica Joy in

I was at Nordstrom a few days ago browsing about--well, to be honest Josh was browsing and I was attempting to stay out of trouble by avoiding the ladies department--so I wandered over to the homewares section assuming it safe.  Then I saw her, the most beautiful french press I've ever laid eyes on.  


Because I already have 47 french presses in the cabinet I knew Josh wouldn't let me keep her, but she was the last one, and she's SO pretty!  I couldn't stand it.  I had to save her from a lifetime of being used by someone who might not appreciate her beautifulness.  

Who would appreciate her beautifulness?  You, of course!  And because a good french press makes every hot beverage taste a thousand times better, even if you don't love her at first sight, you will at first taste.  I trust her to woo you.

To enter simply answer this question in the comments section below:

What is your absolute favorite hot beverage?

Whether it's chai tea, italian espresso, cappuccino with chocolate shavings on top, or plain ole black coffee, simply enter your preference and you're automatically entered to win.  FYI-comments on Facebook don't count.  You must respond in the actual comment section of the blog.

One entry per person, no entries after midnight Friday, winners will be selected at random and announced first thing Monday.  Good luck!


(Medina Lacafetiere, 8 cup, retails for $38.00, adorable puppies not included ;-)