by Terrica Joy in

Saturday Josh and I packed up and headed out to Ben Franklin to visit the fam.  We had a few projects to attend to and the weather was perfect for a country drive, but most importantly there were many new introductions to be made...


 Meet Rosalina (Rosy), Pork Chop (Chops), and Carly.  Three friendly little red pigs who now call Ben Franklin home.  (on a side note, Josh was terribly disappointed that he didn't get to name one of them Bacon, but Tirzah has promised she'll give Josh naming dibs when the first litter of piglets arrives)  Mom talks to them, and for them, of course.  And Dad paralyzes them by scratching their bellies until they fall over in utter bliss.  It's hysterical. They're definitely part of the family now.  However, no one gets to live a delightful long life on the farm without responsibility.  The chickens lay eggs, the goats keep the pastures clean, the dogs protect the goats from predators, etc.  Everyone works.  So in accordance with the rules the pigs have been assigned garden-plowing duty.  Once they've completed the chore they'll be transferred to new assignments.  They seem cool with it.

We also met Stinker-goat's new baby.  It's sad to see her without Holman-the-goose, however mom did affectionately name the new baby 'Holman Jr.' in his honor.  I told her it was blasphemy.  He'd be livid if he knew...


 Eventually we made it out to the barn to meet Sassy's brand new litter of puppies.  Look how sweet they are.


We were quickly made aware, however, of grumblings regarding the new babies.  The goats and chickens were visibly upset that Sassy had chosen the hen house as a nursery.  The chickens can't get in to do their daily chore of egg-laying and the goats have been ousted from their choice napping spot. Speaker of the Barn, Patches-the-goat, was on a mission to make sure we were aware of the rumblings.


"Excuse me.  Um, excuse me, there's a matter that needs to be addressed today regarding the unapproved location of the nursery??  We would really appreciate a human representative at our meeting being that, well, being that you're the only ones who can actually do anything about it??"


"No photos at the meeting please--what, well, okay if you must this is definitely my best side..."


"The meeting will begin here at the spool in--um, excuse me??  Mrs. Human Representative with the camera? Are you listening?  This is a very seriously matter.  Miss Speckled Chicken is getting ready to begin in just a moment.  Please put the camera away..."


"Okay Miss Speckles, we're ready to begin..."


"Hey!!  I said NO cameras!"

Unfortunately to my knowledge no course of action has yet been agreed upon by all parties, however the official relocate-the-puppy-nursery-committee is still hard at work, determined to come to some sort of resolve.

(Hello my name is Terrica and I'm addicted to making animals 'talk'.  My mother does it, my grandmother does it, my great-grandmother did it...I'm afraid there's no help for it.)

So what did you do this weekend??  Did you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather??