Tidbits: Baby News, Holiday Plans, Upcoming Adventures

by Terrica Joy in

~We've officially picked a name for baby girl Smith!  It took a good bit to decide.  We wanted something beautiful with a lot of meaning, but also a bit unique.  After landing on a handful we really liked we took a couple weeks to try them out, see which one felt right.    

I love what TD Jakes says about naming a child, "Understand that a name is important.  It tells something about your origin or your destiny.  You don't want just anyone to name you.  No one should want just anyone to prophesy over him without knowing whether or not that person is right.  Words have power!"  

He has an entire chapter on the power of names in his book Can You Stand to Be Blessed? which I just happened upon the week before we found out we were having a girl.  I almost wept during portions of it. Needless to say, picking a name was a very intimate, sacred decision for us.  However before you start asking, we've decided not to announce the name until birth.  I know, such a tease ;-)  But we love the sacredness of sharing that last secret until the end, and the power of knowing we have such profound influence even now in speaking truth over her day after day.  Every time we speak her name, we're speaking to her destiny.  

~In other baby related news, we're loving BabyLi.st for all things registry related.  It's so simple to use and allows you to register for items from just about anywhere, including non-traditional places like Etsy. Why didn't someone think of this sooner??  People can purchase the item right off the linked website and it's shipped to their door (or yours), OR can simply pick up in any store of choice.  I personally love that we can link directly to amazon for tons of products, which essentially means saving a nice chunk of change.  It's super user friendly for friends and family, and quick and easy to edit/manage for the parents-to-be.  We love it!  If you know of someone who's expecting you might suggest it!

~I spent part of this past weekend with my Mom, Granny, and Tirzah making Christmas ornaments.  I laughed so hard I cried a time or two.  That Granny of mine just cracks me up ;-) Pinterest was our inspiration, think burlap, twine, vintage music paper, pine cones, etc.  Soon as I take a few photos I'll have to show you.  I still need to have another little party or two to make more, but so far I'm thrilled with how they're turning out.  This is a very big deal you see, because I've played Mr. Grinch the last, oh... 7 years??  I've refused to put a tree up or do anything Christmas-y around the house for a whole list of totally legit, very practical reasons.  It's broken my husband's holiday-loving heart year after year.  I always promised however, that as soon as we had babies I'd flip the switch. I'm true to my word.  And technically we won't have a baby until next Christmas, so kudos to me for getting ahead of the game!!  Right?!  Anyone?? ANYone?!  C'mon...

~Oh, one other piece of baby news I failed to mention earlier...  Remember how the sono technician offered to do another sonogram after shocking us with news of a little girl??  Well, I'm taking her up on it.  I'm going back to have a second sonogram tomorrow, to ensure it's a she ;-)  I'm totally and unapologetically attached to the idea of having a daughter now.  And my heart cannot take another surprise.  Lord help me... (If you happen to see a post tomorrow filled with crazy all-over-the-place emotions, you'll know why.)  ;-)

~And lastly, we're headed out for a couple little adventures over the next few weeks. First, several days of sun and sea in the Riviera Maya, a stretch of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico from Playa de Carmen down past Tulum.  We fell in love with Tulum years ago after I accidentally booked us at a nudist resort. Oops! Apparently the Tulum area was a huge draw for nudists back in the 70's.  How was I to know that?!  It turned out fine in the end.  We were able to re-book last minute at a truly lovely, clothing strictly required hotel, but we did have to shield our eyes a time or two from the... body parts.  Ya know, people walking down the beach from those other resorts where clothing was considered, um, optional.  Though I do love Tulum with with its rain forest and reefs and romantic, remote feel, I'm happy to report we'll be far north of the area this time, by at least an hour or so.  No need to worry about nakedness. ;-)  

We'll only be back home for a few days before loading up for Nashville.  My little sister-in-law has already sent disappointing word that the leaves are pretty much gone.  So sad.  But certainly Thanksgiving will be wonderful!  Cooking, family, long walks and talks and laughter.  It's sure to be delightful, no doubt!  I'll try to take loads of photos to share when we get home.

So there's a few recent highlights from our world!  What are your plans for Thanksgiving?