by Terrica Joy in

We went in for our 20 week sonogram yesterday to really get a glimpse of the baby for the first time and find out the sex.  Well, honestly we went in to confirm the sex because we already knew without question that it was a boy ;-)  We've known that for months and months, before we ever even tried to conceive in the first place.  

I climbed up on the table in the darkened room and the technician went right to work, immediately striking up a conversation about everything appearing on the screen, all the measurements and little body parts.  I asked her if she had kids, which she did.  I also asked how long she'd been doing this to which she replied, "About 15 years now."  Josh was standing over me with a giddy smile on his face and coffee in hand, glancing at me occasionally and winking. 

The technician confirmed again that we did in fact want to know the sex before asking if we had any names picked out.  I laughed, "Well yes, one name.  We only have a name for a little boy."  She laughed in response, "Well okay then!  Moment of truth..."  She pressed a bit more firmly on my abdomen and paused momentarily, "...okay... it looks like... it looks like you're going to have... to pick out another name.  It's a little girl."  I waited for her to correct herself or say she was joking.  "No.  You're kidding."  She continued to study the image for a moment, "Nope.  It's definitely a girl."  I shifted my eyes towards Josh.  His face showed exactly what I was feeling, complete and utter shock!  I tried to hold back but I couldn't help the stream of questions that came flooding out of me, "Are you sure??! Wait, are you positive??  I mean, how long have you been doing this again?  You're absolutely positive?  There's no margin of error??  Have you ever been wrong before?!?"  

She laughed, entirely amused at our stunned responses, "Well, 15 years and I haven't been wrong yet.  But her little legs are crossed... let me see if I can get her to uncross them..."

Her?  Her little legs??  The word sounded so entirely foreign I couldn't wrap my brain around it.

She moved the wand around a bit, over and back a few times, and sure enough those tiny little legs uncrossed and started kicking up a storm.  "Let's see here.  Hmm...  Nope.  Still a girl!"

I started shaking my head, "Are you absolutely positive??  I mean, really really certain?  I just... I just can't believe it.  We haven't even discussed names for girls!  I haven't even considered what life would be like with a little girl!  I mean... I just don't know what to think!  I feel like I'm finding out I'm pregnant for the first time all over again!"

She proceeded to show us a dozen different angles, punctuating every one with the same statement, "Still a girl...  Yep, still a girl... Yep, definitely a girl!"

I laid my head back on the table and started to laugh.  I looked at Josh and shook my head, incredulous, stunned, and he started to laugh which of course prompted the technician to laugh at us.  We all laughed and laughed and laughed until I finally pulled myself together and wiped the tears streaming down my face, then turned to the technician very seriously, "Okay, so you're really really sure?"  This went on for another 15 minutes...

As we stood to leave still entirely shocked, she offered to do a second sono if a few weeks free of charge just to give us peace of mind, which of course prompted another round of "Wait, does that mean you think you might be wrong then??"

She smiled kindly, "No, I'm confident it's a girl, but I'm still happy to do a second if you'd like."


We spent the next hour laughing and chattering and trying to wrap our brains around the idea of a baby girl.   We'd gotten so used to the idea of a little boy that the idea of a girl never even entered the realm of possibility.  We both still know without question that a little boy is in our future.  We've prayed for him, we know his name, in fact we feel like we already know him.  But now, having a girl?  Well that's just crazy sweet icing on the cake!  Josh and I have both wanted a little girl for as long as we can remember, we just never once considered it this go round.  It immediately brings one specific scripture to mind that's been rolling around in my heart for the last few weeks, "A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul..."  Proverbs 13:19  Looking back on it now it's almost like divine foreshadowing, like God has been whispering to my heart again and again trying to give me a fun little hint.

Our God in His magnificence never ceases to amaze me.  Day in, day out, this pregnancy has been an adventure of epic proportion.  We've been surprised at every twist and turn and this is certainly no exception.  From the very beginning the only thing I've known for sure (well, except that thinking it was a boy!) is that this is not about me.  Apparently, it still isn't ;-)  SHOCKER.  And I have to say, I'm still so looking forward to one day meeting our son.  He has a place in my heart that just won't go away.  God is ever faithful to His promises that's for certain, and He's promised us a little boy.  (though the mystery of when and how remains a mystery for now, as does God in all His ways!) But in the meantime we get the indescribable, unbelievable joy of falling head over heels in love with a beautiful baby girl!  Best.  Surprise.  EVER.  It's like Christmas!!

We're still adjusting to the stun, but I simply couldn't wait to tell you.  Ladies and gents, to our utter shock and unspeakable joy, we're thrilled to announce that we're having a little GIRL!!!